In the US, 53.2% of doctor visits are made to primary care physicians according to the CDC. The role of the primary care physician is important as it is the first point of contact for patients.  A primary care provider dealing with family medicine is responsible for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of medical conditions. Your physician will also have the global picture of your health, medical problems and treatment. For cancer patients, it is valuable to have a primary care provider who will manage treatment options, complementary or alternative treatments such as equine therapy.

Horse therapy produces many benefits for cancer patients. Horse riding assists in enhancing balance and motor coördination as well as improve endurance and stamina for patients whose physical strengths are weakened by radiation or chemotherapy. Horse-assisted therapy also helps patients take control of their lives, reduces stress & anxiety and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Equine therapy improves lives of cancer patients on a physical, emotional and psychological level, helping victims and survivors cope and go through the process. Additional information on the value of horse therapy for cancer patients can be read in this article.

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